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Seller Road Map


The shelter cycle of real estate starts with your first home then you get married, have kids, take care of your parents, win the lottery, stop paying rent, want a bigger home, want a smaller home, want to move, relocate for work, build your real estate portfolio or retire to Florida. Wherever you are in the shelter cycle, you need to evaluate your situation, crunch your numbers and consider your timing. The real estate market is always true to the market, always changing and built on supply and demand. In real estate, you can make lots of money or do not so good. Historically, it is still the best long term investement and best tax deduction available for most consumers. We will look at all your options so you make the best decision for you while meeting your goals and objectives.

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Thanks to HGTV, buyer expectations have never been higher, that is why I work with you extensively from the beginning making you show ready and Model Home ready when the first buyer walks into your home. Go to a new home subdivision and look at the model homes to see what buyers are asking for, builders do extensive research tapping into buying trends and desires. Check out for the latest styles, colors and looks. You don’t have to create new but you do have to be competitive. My first expense on your behalf is hiring the best stager in KC to do a consultation at your home assisting you with what to pack away, what to leave out. She will advise if adjusting furniture is necessary and suggest showing tips. She is a master at editing closets and highlighting the architectural features of your home. It is important to have the correct flow paths through the home so buyers see the best features. Staged properties spend 73% less time on the market than non-staged properties. The best marketing starts with the Buyer’s first impression as they enter your home, so we want to be ready!

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My second expense on your behalf is hiring the best real estate photographer in KC. We want to highlight the architectural features of your home, to accuratetly represent the size of your rooms and showcase in extraodinary color. All of this must accommodate the marketing from either a smart phone, color brochure or marketing email flyer. Your home will look great.

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We will discuss lots marketing techniques available to you including the pre-marketing, different market exposure options, syndication channels, targeted marketing and how technology is used to market your home to the local market and the global market. We will also look at trends and neighborhood comparables to assist you in pricing. The best marketing in ineffective if the price is not competitive. Lots of information to digest, but all helpful to achieve your moving goals in a timely manner.

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Buyer’s agents will schedule the showing appointment through Centralized Showing Solutions. We will discuss the best strategy for you for the scheduling. An electronic lockbox is the latest technology used which records the agent contact information everytime it is opened. The For Sale sign is still an effective tool for stimulating interest. New listings are toured on Tuesdays, for agents to easily preview your home. Open houses are also used, but we will strategize what is most effective for your home. Cooperating agents like to show and sell my listings because they know they are working with a professional that has many years of experience and knows what to do. Also, I have a reputation for having prepared homes and Seller’s ready to sell. My goal is to create an atmosphere of cooperation and not adversarial positions.

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Once we are market ready, your initial work is complete and the showings begin. Buyers look at all times. Some can look during the day, others only after work or on weekends. The more flexible you can be the better to accommodate the buyer’s schedule. You may only get one opportunity with each buyer, so it important to try to be as accommodating as possible. The “Rule of 21” says after 21 days or 21 showings, whichever is first, if you are not sold, then a reevaluation of the market is in order. You may need to adjust an interior feature, make a repair or adjust the price. I’ll keep you pro-active in the market conditions, trends and advise you accordingly.

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Email feedback is used to give you feedback from each showing. If we hear a common thread through the feedback, we can take action if necessary. My marketing assistants will keep you informed weekly of the activity through all the internet sources.You will get a report from CSS showing feedback and showing activity and you can always check in on the ReeceNichols site for updates. We communicate through your preferred method of calling, texting or emailing. It is team effort, so it is important communication flows.

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According to the National Association of Realtors, 90% of the time, your first offer is your strongest, best offer, so it is important to try to make that work. Negotiating is one of my favorite times in real estate so I’m never concerned about the opening bid of an offer, we just go to work to get all the terms agreeable to both you and the buyer so we can head into SOLD.

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We will evaluate the offer according to your net dollar. That number is yours to keep so we will take into account all the selling expenses, broker fee, title costs, prorated taxes and your loan payoff. Generally, the selling costs are around 7%. Take your sales price times 93% minus your loan payoff and you can get an approximation of your net dollar equity.